Krasnodar families with children with disabilities can obtain free legal advice



In the Kuban, a project for socio-legal support for families with children with disabilities “synergy of law,” according to “Agency for social information”. To get legal advice, these families can directly at the reception of the lawyer, and also by phone of the hot line. The project will last until September 2018.

The organizer of the project – center for development of charitable programs “Edge of solace”. Lawyers are already held workshops in Krasnodar, the Seversky district, Novorossiysk and other municipalities in the region. In the near future planned seminars in Armavir and Gulkevichi.

According to the lawyer of the project of Nikolay Chernyshuk currently extremely topical issues related to state social support of families with children with disabilities and the monetization of benefits. “The fact that there is a peculiarity: the monetization is happening on the Federal program and Federal credits, the family is entitled to receive benefits under the regional programme. Their list is quite extensive – from compensation for the acquisition of means of rehabilitation to privileges at payment of insurance”, – he said.

According to lawyers involved in the project, relevant questions also remain related to the passage of mediko-social examination and appeal procedure of the ITU. Some families, who took custody of the children with disabilities who complain of excessive nicety of inspection bodies.

The admission of lawyers in Krasnodar takes place at the gymnasium str., 103-1. Telephone hotline: 8 (861) 262-43-06.