In Yekaterinburg, a young man with cerebral palsy was beaten and kicked out of the Mall


In one of the shopping centers of Yekaterinburg beat 19-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, reports RIA “Novosti”. The kid’s mother claims that her son was beaten by the security guard of the store electronics due to the fact that he allegedly interfered with other visitors and could break expensive gadgets. The management of the shopping Mall said that the assailant is not their employee, but witnesses of the incident, according to the mother, I saw he had a badge on the shirt.

Roman Lavrentyev since childhood suffering from cerebral palsy. He works in the social center “Special people”, and in his spare time likes to go to electronics stores and review new gadgets. He communicates with vendors, examines new models of phones and tablets. However, during one of these visits to the Mall he was assaulted by an unknown man, beat him and thrown out of the store.

Helena, mother of Roman, said that the guy came home with bruises in the chest and collarbone. He also had a sprain, which he received after the attacker dragged the guy out of the store. They took a beating in the emergency room and called the police.

“Roma said the man was there, he was not bystanders. When the son appeared on the radio the guards told the broadcast: “Roma come from.” They knew for a long time. At the exit of the store he was attacked by a guy in jeans and a black t-shirt, like a guard. According to Roma, he pushed, shouting: “You why come here? What do you want? I will come again, and even in my watch, I’ll beat you up so that you don’t get up”,” says Elena.

Elena immediately after the incident, appealed to the Mall to find out who attacked her son, but no result conversation with the staff of the shopping centre is not given. The management of the electronics store came to her only after the incident received publicity in the media. In the shopping center said that the assailant is not their employee, but witnesses say that like I saw he had a badge on the shirt.

The management of the electronics store agreed to provide video from one of the surveillance cameras, but this camera is difficult to parse exactly who attacked the guy. However, this video clearly shows that near TC the guards quietly watching what is happening and not even trying to defend the guy.

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg have confirmed that adopted a statement about the incident at the Mall, and the Novel sent for forensic examination. The police is engaged in search of the attacker.