Webinar “starting Point” “Fundraising and public annual report”


 “Starting point” continues its educational program season 2018: Donors Forum has already held the first webinar with by Vyacheslav Bahmini and Valery Usov, exploring the organization reflect the mission, goals and objectives in the annual report. During the second lesson of the School “reference Point” organizers separately with the vital aspect of the work of foundations and NGOs – fundraising and financial sustainability. To reveal this vast subject called the chief fundraisers sector Lozhkina, Anastasia and Tatiana Zadirako.


Webinar timeline:

12:00-12:05 — Introduction – Natalia Medvedeva, head of projects of the Donors Forum

12:05-12:35 — “the Annual report as a tool to work fundraiser” — Anastasia Lozhkina, Director of fundraising BF “Arithmetic good”

12:35-13:05 — “Annual report as an instrument of the donor: individual and corporate“, Tatiana Zadirako, Executive Director of the Foundation for support and development of social programs “Social Navigator”

Date and time: 23 may 2018, 12:00-13:00

Reference: https://pruffme.com/landing/u406757/#/webinars

School “reference Point” was started to help NGOs who are already preparing public annual reports, or even do not have such experience, but I want to increase the transparency and efficiency of its activities. Accepting applications for the public contest of NGO annual reports “starting Point” is already open. Entry form, list of nominations and selection criteria are available on the project website: http://www.donorsforum.ru/projects/tochka-otschyota/ Reports NGOs will be accepted for the contest from 1 may to 30 June.

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