The Fund’s “Clouds” got acquainted with the best mentoring program


On April 25, the Director of the charity Fund “Clouds” Jamila Semenenko and program coordinator of Fund “Returning to childhood” Tatiana Lucite were trained on the programme “Mentoring”, which was organized by the Novosibirsk charity “sun city”.

In order for orphans to be happier, trust the people and boldly stepped into adulthood “sun city” is implementing a program entitled “Mentoring”. Also shares her experience with other charities, conducting training events. Thanks to this training Fund “Clouds” became acquainted with the unique technology mentoring.

The program of “Solar city” a serious and well-researched. It is implemented in 2014. The project is aimed at individual support of children in orphanages by volunteers who are trained under the guidance of a psychologist. The volunteer becomes not only a mentor. Much more important – he becomes a friend of a child who has turned 12 years. And as his friend, is with him the long journey to the orphanage, however, overcoming all difficulties. The mentor shall report monthly to the Fund a progress report, and at the end of the year and the mentor and mentee are questioning to find out what has changed since that time. Therefore, the child’s socialization process is under control. Now in Novosibirsk 84 formed of a pair of “mentor-mentee”.

The success of this program is that regularly there is interaction between the child, mentor, children’s home and the Foundation. And all this in order to make the child happy, — said Jamil Semenenko.

The training Foundation team gained invaluable knowledge which I will try to apply in practice. This training Foundation will definitely be useful, because the “Cloud” regularly and for a long time help children from the orphanage “Solnyshko”. Volunteers don’t just come to visit the kids and carried out creative activities, and give them your warmth.

The Foundation’s team constantly meets with a new experience to do their job more effectively and help even more people.

Photo taken from the website of the charitable organization “sun city”.