Keepers of memory “in the battle of Moscow” investigated 200 war memorials


In anticipation of the 73rd anniversary of the great Victory, the volunteers of the project “Keepers of military monuments of the battle of Moscow” was attended by about 200 of the memorial.

The project “Keepers of military monuments of the battle of Moscow” aims at the preservation of monuments and military graves, and Union volunteers and community members interested in the history of the second world war. At the moment on the territory of Moscow and Moscow region have more than 3 thousand monuments, single and mass graves, however the General registry of the memorial object is still there, and the project intends to correct this situation. The creators and coordinators believe that the project will help strengthen control over the condition of the monuments and ensure attention to them by the city and regional authorities.

“In may we remember about the war, but once the holiday passes, about Holy places of the battles and the people who died there, forgotten. We want our action was not a one-time, and preserving the memory of the great Patriotic War was systematic. This was initiated by social movement — the volunteers will be engaged in the monitoring of monuments, care for buildings, to search for comrades and relatives with which contact was lost”, — said the head of the project Berezkin Yury Konstantinovich.

By may 1, the volunteers traveled to and conducted a survey of two hundred monuments of the great Patriotic War in the Moscow region, 183 of them are already available on-line on the official website of the project. Volunteers made more than 1,500 photographs, but there is still a lot of work.

Today, “Keepers of military monuments of the Moscow battle” are looking for volunteers that will help in the creation of a single Registry and an interactive Map with objects. Work conducted from September 2017, the movement “Guardians” was joined by more than 50 researchers (among them onf activists and students of major Universities), but the actual number of places you want to visit, far exceeds the current resources of the project, and the geography is very extensive.

We cannot forget that for every monument – the fate of man, the fate of the Fatherland! This is a real and necessary thing, which will serve as moral, Patriotic and civil education of the younger generations.

Everyone can contribute to the preservation of history!

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