In the Mound were not allowed on the flight of a disabled teenager because of the plaster on the feet



The employees of the airline UTair was not allowed in the plane of a teenager with a disability, who after the surgery were plastered both legs, wrote on his page on Facebook President of the seaside society of disabled people-disabled people in wheelchairs “Ark” Artem Moiseenko. Regional UK transport started checking on this fact.

Andrew, the Food had surgery on his feet at the clinic Ilizarov in Kurgan. However, to fly home in the Primorsky Krai and his father after discharge, they could not and for three days lived in a rented apartment. The problems have arisen both with regional FSS and airline.

First, in the Primorsky branch of the FSS didn’t want to order plane tickets, citing various laws and regulations. However, Andrew’s parents were able to convince officials of the FSS that their son must be transported by air, besides, it was stated in the statement. In the FSS still ordered electronic plane tickets, but as it turned out later, did not indicate that one of the tickets are for wheelchair users.

When Andrew’s father arrived to check in at the airport of Kurgan, the airline refused to let them on the flight, explaining that their records do not indicate that among the passengers is a wheelchair user. In addition, according to father Andrei, the airline said that because of the plaster on the feet it will occupy two seats.

Depart from Kurgan Andrew and his father managed only three days later, after the social insurance Fund of Primorsky Krai ordered other tickets, said Moiseenko. While in the FSS stated that Andrei’s father are to blame in this incident, as reported to the airline that his son’s leg casts.

Kurgan investigatory Department on transport has started verification on this fact.