In njandoma will be a photo session for disabled children and their mothers



1 Jun andomskiy club for children with special needs “Care” is organizing a free photo session for children with disabilities and their mothers, according to “Agency for social information”. It will be attended by professional photographer and makeup artist.

The club “Care” was organized by parents of children with disabilities, it includes about 30 children with various disabilities. Here they can obtain expert advice, attend classes in adaptive physical education, and their parents receive support from other families, participate in various workshops. Now they will have another event photo shoot.

“We are the mothers our children really get a lot of pictures from different events, but the fact that they are not professional and are not the most beautiful. When mother and child are doing something (and in this case the mother and a special child), they don’t think about beauty. Our campaign will help special families to make beautiful pictures that can be spread in social networks that are pleasing to the eye and show the beauty of their and their children”, – said the Director of the club “Care” by Julia Popova.

Assistance in conducting the photo shoot will have a publishing house “Avangard”, its chief editor Natalia Pertseva and will be the main photographer of the project. Makeup artist Julianna Krupnova joined the project on their own initiative. The organizers plan to negotiate with the clothing stores to provide the participants of the photo shoot outfits.

To sign up for a special photo shoot of the family of Nyandoma can visit the club “Care” in the social network Vkontakte or by phone 6-11-90, 8 (911) 678-94-90.