FSS has developed a program of “digital lawyer” for people with disabilities


Photo: Vyacheslav Pales / Photobank Lori

The social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation plans from 1 January 2019 to run in one of the regions of Russia, the pilot project “digital lawyer”, reports Regnum. The essence of this project is to protect the rights of persons with disabilities to receive rehabilitation funds. If people with disabilities do not receive timely required TSR, will be punished and the contractor, and employee of the FSS assigned to this person as a personal Manager.

For this project, the FSS plans to help the gadgets to identify persons with disabilities, entitled to receive TSR. This technology will work in the following way: in the beginning of the year, the FSS sends to the person with disabilities the message that, for example, in April, he needs to obtain a wheelchair, with clearly stipulated terms, when the product must be delivered. If after this period, the service will not be provided, a recipient of TSR via phone, smartphone, or other gadget notifies the FSS. Not delivering on time means of rehabilitation, the contractor will be penalized, the punishment is also waiting and employee of the FSS, which will be assigned to that person with a disability as a personal Manager.

“I say, “It will fail”. I say, “Wait. There are also cameras on the roads. They fix the violation, send the bill and pay, if he agrees that he was speeding”. Why is a disabled person who receives the service of the house, can not get a quality product, why it is difficult to bring? In this respect, there are many legal issues,” – said the Chairman of social insurance Fund Andrey Kigim.


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For this project, SIF will choose one of the regions of the Russian Federation, which is a social organization of disabled persons, are ready to assume the functions of control, as well as contractors with certified gadgets. To run the program in pilot mode FSS plans January 1, 2019.

“Human rights must be traced entirely, from the contract for the supply of services to a legal challenge if a disabled person is dissatisfied. At first glance, it sounds fantastic, but, in my opinion, it will be fine,” said Andrei Kigim.

Previously, we reported that the Russian government has limited the terms of providing disabled persons with technical means of rehabilitation. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the deadline of serial products may not exceed 30 days, produced according to individual orders – 60 days.

We also wrote about the fact that the Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Maxim Topilin said that the system of providing people with disabilities means of rehabilitation in Russia will be improved. The changes will affect the mode of financing of the programme, tenders for the supply of TSR, the auction will be limited to the participation of foreign companies, but the most important means of rehabilitation can be obtained using a special electronic certificate.