New opportunities for teachers: a large series of free seminars in tolerance Center


Social engineering as a technology of prevention of extremism among adolescents will be discussed by the participants of the new free seminar, conducted by the team of the tolerance Center on may 23.

The goal of the entire educational cycle – promotion of effectiveness of educational organizations in the field of prevention of xenophobia and extremism. This direction is extremely relevant to modern professional community.

One of the goals of this workshop is to expand the range of forms and methods of work. For example, social engineering can be an effective technology for the prevention of extremism and xenophobia during the organization of extracurricular activities of the teacher. It is a proven practical experience.

In the tolerance Center for several years there is the program “Five steps of tolerance”. The children together with the curators and educators think of social projects that are being implemented in the school, district or County.

A similar technique allows you to include students in the process and to solve the social problems, the experience — that is what gets everyone. About this experience and the process and tell the team DH.

Participation is open to employees of educational organizations: Deputy Directors on educational work, teachers-organizers, teachers-psychologists, social pedagogues and class teachers and also specialists from socially oriented NGOs working with young people.

Registration for the event is required. The seminar will be held at the address: Obraztsova street 11, building 1A

Read more about full cycle, and each seminar can be learn by phone +7 (495) 645-05-50 EXT.220