In Moscow, a Festival of inclusion


Great idea – one warm may day to come together with friends and plunge into the festive and noisy atmosphere of the Festival of inclusion by the Regional public organization of people with disabilities, Perspektiva, with the support of the Charity Fund “System”. Fun possible way: playing and developing, thinking and learning something new, making friends and working with his hands the Souvenirs…

The spacious and welcoming space of the Center Blagosfera turned colorful carousel of workshops. Children and adults went from table to table and immediately plunged into intense activity. One of them was lucky for the first time to solve the puzzle in Braille, to leave the colored balls to bocce, to draw black-and-white sketch plates, imitating artists with disabilities from the workshops “Special ceramics exhibition center”. And to participate in the master class inclusive education and, coloring in rainbow colors stroller paper man, attach it to the populous “Poster of friendship.”

Guests learned about the etiquette of communicating with people with disabilities about what words are acceptable in the lexicon, and what better not to drink at all. Finally, I visited a charity fair and saw the best works of the festival about life of people with disabilities “Cinema without barriers”.

“We invited children and teachers from 50 schools, students, families with children with and without disabilities, – says the coordinator of the Department of inclusive education Marina Davydova. – I wish that more people learned about what inclusion is, and past stereotypes of people with disabilities. Here in a playful and entertaining way, you can try to “try on” complexity in life and society with which they have to face, to learn more about their lives and eventually come to the conclusion that all men are different, but they should all be equal.”

Specialist of Department on development of leadership skills of children with disabilities Anna Eskina helps everyone to put on the special gloves with the plates – they restrict finger movement, creating the illusion of spasticity. That’s not all: you need to wear glasses, which “impairs” the vision, and earphones that impede hearing. Try the habit of writing something in this outfit! And the participants have to portray on paper the phrase “quality leader”… it’s Hard, but because the restrictions are not forever – they will remove the gloves and goggles, and the world will again be the same. But it’s funny at first glance, the game forces them to think about what you feel deaf, blind people, people with cerebral palsy.

“Right foot on red circle, left hand on yellow!” – the team lead, the coordinator of the Fund “Best Friends” Islam Yusupov, fiddling with a disk arrow. His team members had managed to get the hands and feet colored circles on a large canvas, twisting their bodies into unimaginable poses, which any yogi would envy. “Twister” is also not just a game, it combines two in one – the excitement of competition and healthy physical activity. Someone can develop endurance and flexibility, stretch your muscles and “warm up” the joints, someone- to learn to distinguish between right-left and interact with each other.

“And today we have two activity – talks about his master class Roxanne žilina, at the Department of employment. Thanks to the test Myers – Briggs the type definition of the individual participants are aware of, in what sphere it is better to develop and look for yourself. This test has long been used in business as career guidance. And after serious reflection on the test they will find the need to guess the profession with unusual names. For example, “assembler is positive” is just a worker of the Studio, preparing the editing of films, “the caretaker of the yard mould” is not the assistant of the Sultan in the harem, as many think, and the worker-metallurg pouring metal into… Well, the mysterious “flip the penguin” really works with birds in Antarctica, because they can not long lie on one side. The guys are all curious to guess, and at the same time they have to spark the interest of different professions, planning for the future.”

One of the most popular was a master-class on making bath bombs. Salt, baking soda, citric acid and food coloring it turns a little “geyser”, which is very beautifully explodes in the water, blowing colored bubbles. This exciting chemical experience, in which you can observe the interaction of substances, and work together, and a good gift to loved ones made by your own hands. Their crafts were able to carry with you and the guys who worked on the painting ceramic bowls under the leadership of Tatyana Hachaturova, head of workshops for people with disabilities “Together”.

“I and two of my friends went to all the workshops, and we all wondered – shared his impressions Anna Mikheeva, the student of 5th class of school No. 22, who came to the festival from Moscow. – I liked to identify by touch of bulk products, as do blind people. I know and love to cook, and faster than anyone was able to distinguish the wheat from buckwheat, salt, sugar, and starch seemed similar to crunchy snow. Leading Anna Kotova explained to us that blind people have a well developed sense of touch. While I have no friends with disabilities, but I would be glad to make friends with them and support them in their education.”

The master class ended with a resounding mesmerizing rhythm of African drums integrated theater Studio “Krug”. Began a concert, which featured talented children with disabilities: Anastasia Kulpina and Vlad Burmakin (saxophone), members of the dance project “Overcome”, the project “Interaction”, group PreoVictory rehabilitation center “Overcoming”. All swirled in a whirlwind of disco, and those who wanted to exchange contacts and to communicate, was found in the lobby over coffee and refreshments. Bored on this holiday was just once. The festival has become a small model of a perfect inclusive society, where reigned an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth and friendliness.