Family feast of reconciliation was held in Cherepovets


12 may 2018 in the Lenin Komsomol Park hosted a family educational program “Let’s live together!” for more than 50 families in the city of Cherepovets.

Games, contests, “Mielke”, drawings on the pavement of the emblem of a family photo shoot at the bench of reconciliation with fun characters, a contest “give the ball someone that you care” — all the contents of the event spoke about the values of friendship, understanding, support.

The celebration is organized by the experts of the project “Point of return” program “the Way home” with the support of the city’s cultural and leisure centre “Unity”.

Reference: the Project “Point of no return” accompanies in Cherepovets 67 school services mediation. The community of mediators consists of 140 people: pupils, students, professionals, teachers.