In Vladikavkaz do not want to establish a disability to a child who lost an eye


Photo: still from the video of the TV channel “NTV”

Jeanne Bizikova from Vladikavkaz 6 years trying to prove that her child, lost eyes, is a person with disabilities, the TV channel “NTV”. But ITU do not agree with this – the other eye sees.

The amputation of the eyeball acne of Ktsoev moved 6 years ago. The doctors had to remove the eye due to a severe head injury. However, to establish disability for him in the Bureau, ITU refused, citing a provision of the Federal legislation, according to which disability can be established only in case, if worse vision in the remaining eye.

Deputy chief of fku GB mseh po Respublike Severnaya Osetiya – Alaniya zoloeva Fatima refers to the order governing the rules for establishing disability. “According to the order of the visual acuity of the better eye with correction greater than 0.3 in the disability does not fit. It is regarded as a minor dysfunction,” she says.

Every year the boy needs to change eyeballs, but to pay for prosthetics and travel arrangements to Moscow, his family comes from his own pocket, as no disability of the state support they receive. “As the boy grows, the required annual replacement of the prosthesis, because it is twisted becomes small, that it prevents him. He immediately takes it off when he comes home from school,” says the mother of Vitalik Jeanne Bizikova.

After the story received wide media coverage, local officials agreed to allocate funds for annual replacement of the ocular prosthesis for a child. However, Jeanne Bizikova wants to seek justice, and again prepares the documents for carrying out repeated mediko-social examination.