In Moscow a child with cerebral palsy was not allowed to ride because of his disability



Mother of 6-year-old girl with cerebral palsy Natalia Malko said on Facebookthat her child was not allowed to ride in Central Park “Northern Tushino”. According to her, the staff referred to a decree, forbidding to put on the theme of children with disabilities.

“I ran into some kind of monstrous injustice – says Natalia. Came with daughter (6 years old, cerebral palsy, walks, but wonky) Ckio Northern Tushino to ride on the carousel. I bought the tickets, went to the attraction (children’s train for kids, parent there will not fit), and I say: “Your child we will not allow”. And this among crowds of children and parents. Well (with a hand) my daughter does not understand yet such things, but I have a shock. Malashkovsky train, but because she is lame, she can’t go on the rides”.

According to Natalia, in the administration of the Park it was not allowed. “Found the Manager on the rides, she told me that now came the decision that children with disabilities are not allowed on rides. What is it like? she wonders. – I have a very lovely daughter, it’s complete discrimination. Shock. Said that it is necessary to take into the clinic a certificate that the theme is not contraindicated, and only go for help”.

In the comments many users have noted that this is not the only case, when children with disabilities are not allowed on rides. Most often, the staff serving these rides, motivate the refusal for security reasons. However, with the requirement to provide a certificate from the clinic stating that the child is not contraindicated fun on the rides, they write, face had never.