Diver-amputee from Moscow set a world record of immersion in the open sea


Photo: still from the video of the TV channel “Star”

Psychologist-physiotherapist from Moscow Dmitry Pavlenko has set a new world record of immersion in the open sea among divers amputees, reports channel “Star”. He plunged into the Red sea at a depth of 40 meters.

Dmitry Pavlenko – Russia’s first certified diver with no arms and legs. He decided to beat Frenchman Philippe Kruazon – first man in the world with amputations, who has swum the English channel. In 2013 Kruazon made a dive to the bottom of the special pool, but Dmitry decided to do it in the open sea. Yeah his such a dive no one has dared.

Before diving in the Red sea Dmitry made several dozen training dives. Over his equipment the specialists of the Moscow Polytechnic University. One of the major challenges was to achieve the correct positioning of the buoyancy compensator to a diver is not pushed up and balance on the depth, because he doesnít have hands and feet. In order to be able in time be purged when submerged, Dmitry made a special mask that allows you to do this without using your fingers.

Dmitry Pavlenko have made the dip without any outside help. It was a mandatory condition for a new world record was officially recorded. At a depth of 40 meters, the judge fixed a new world record and presented a mark of the depth of its owner – Dmitry Pavlenko.

“The last victory was another format, maybe I did them more for himself, – says Dmitry – record is more for people to show people that no matter what limitations a person can achieve the most stunning result”.