With support from the charity Foundation “Safmar” M. S. Gutseriev, a delegation of Jewish youth from Russia visited the Auschwitz concentration camp


On may 6, the eve of Victory Day, with support from the charity Foundation “Safmar” Mikhail Gutseriev in the concentration camp Auschwitz was visited by the delegation of the Jewish youth of Russia – about 1000 representatives of 45 cities. Accompanied by chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, the young people took part in the Patriotic action “the March of the living”.

The March for life is an annual event which takes place in the concentration camp of Auschwitz on the eve of the Victory Day. It was here during the war, killed several million people, most of whom were the representatives of the Jewish people.

In memory of the tragedy and in recognition of the heroism of the red Army boys and girls visited the Museum complex of Auschwitz, marched through the roads of the camp, whom were prisoners, and took part in the ceremony of lighting the candles. For the participants of the rally also was organized a meeting with survivors of the concentration camps. Jewish youth reminded about the great role of the soldiers and commanders of the red Army, the importance of the USSR in the liberation of Auschwitz, saving hundreds of thousands of Jews of Poland and other European countries.

The event, organized with the participation of the Fund SAFMAR, enables a deep understanding of the concept of anti-Semitism and its dangers in the modern world, promotes harmonious development of youth in the spirit of tolerance and respect for all people. For guys who with the history of Auschwitz, the trip became a tribute to the victims of the Second world war and the peace symbol, which was the sacrifice of millions of their compatriots.

In the charity of businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Gutseriev support projects aimed at promoting cultural ideals and human values in the modern world, occupies a special place. The implementation of the Foundation safmar such programs contribute to the Patriotic education of youth, preservation of historical memory and strengthening ties between generations.