The tolerance center invites young people to openly talk about the causes, forms and consequences of the use of drugs


Is it easy to become addicted? And why is this happening?

During the training, “encyclopedia of independence” teenagers discuss issues of dependence, analyze cases with real-life examples, analyse and give their own assessment of these situations.

Key tasks:
— increase awareness among children about the problem of drug addiction and other psychoactive substances
— formation of skills of analysis and critical evaluation of the information on legal and illegal surfactants
— motivation to maintain their own health

All findings and decisions during the training are independent. Participants discussing issues in the group, give your own rating and get the experience and knowledge about where to seek help or for more information.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Registration for groups from 15 people: older students (8th grade) and students

The training is part of a joint anti-drug program of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia and the Centre of tolerance, which was launched in February 2018.