The fifth lecture of the school of visual communication


The staff and volunteers of the capital of the NCBs have already mastered half of the course on the development of visual skills-presentation and communication within the educational programs of the Donors Forum. May 25 in Moscow will pass the fifth of the nine lessons at the School of visual communications. Everyone is waiting for this two day master class: how to shoot charity events, and also about how to come up with a catchy and accurate photo captions.


Master class: “Magic words: how to influence the imagination and beliefs through text”

  • How to create a signature to pictures: familiarity with types of texts, microarray and style of messages.
  • How to influence the reader: “magic” structure, consideration of audience, phonosemantic and “tricks” of language.
  • How to edit messages: the rules of a ruthless editor, techniques of assessment and verification of the text.
  • How to write for magazines and Newspapers, social networking and advertising.

The author of the master class Igor tsikunov, journalist, master of linguistics, M. A. NLP, ex-chief editor of journals “Ambition”, “Psychology leader”, “Our psychology,” “Valuable guidance,” the author of books and manuals on PR and journalism.

Master class: “How to shoot charity events, and to communicate with the characters in the pictures”

  • How to remove events: the rules and experience, communication techniques with the participants of the shooting features of work with “stars”, the disabled, children.
  • Technical features animal photography, events, portraits.
  • Situational and staged photography.
  • Static and dynamic techniques of narrative shooting, the typical error event shooting.

The author of the master class Eugene didic, photographer, videographer, Director of video projections, theatrical performances and concerts, an expert on filming events, expert photography large-scale charity events.

The upcoming session will be the fifth of nine planned under the course visual communication. We invite everyone interested in improving their photo skills on full-time employment, but do not forget about those who have no opportunity to come, but to whom this knowledge is not less important. For them we provide online school: records of all previous lectures and workshops already posted on the page of the video School:

Participation in all School activities free for everyone!

Time: 25 may, 13.00 – 15.30

Place: St. Zoe and Alexander kosmodemyanskiy, d. 3/2


About the project

The school is part of the project “Objective charity. 2.0” forum of Donors and was created to help employees of non-profit organizations, mastering the art of photography. Teachers become photographers, designers, psychologists, linguists, marketers and lawyers. Their goal is to teach community members clearly and visibly to submit their work. The ability to tell stories in our media age become the main tool to attract the attention of the public, donors, partners and volunteers, the development of the organization. The impact of the photos is phenomenal — the most concise way of persuasion. It does not require translation, but to change perceptions for a moment. The search for such magic moments is dedicated to webinars, lectures, workshops organized by the Donors Forum.

The project “Objective charity. 2.0” is the winner of the Competition of subsidies for socially oriented NGOs, conducted by the public relations Committee of Moscow.