Students and veterans planted the Alley of Victory in the Primorsky district


May 4, 2018, at 12.00 at the intersection of Shuvalovsky PR. and Bogatyrsky PR. solemn opening of the alley of Victory. The project was implemented at the initiative of the administration of Primorsky district of St. Petersburg with the participation of the Elevator company “MLM Neva trade”.

Along the Avenue of Victory 34 spruce planted with signs of the participants and partners of the event. Social action is intended to perpetuate the memory of military heroism of veterans of the great Patriotic War, defenders of our city and the great contribution of the people to the Victory.

In the opening of the Alley of the Victory was attended by the Head of Primorsky district administration of Saint-Petersburg Nikolay]; the General-the major of aircraft in resignation, the Chairman of the Board of the Saint-Petersburg public organization of veterans (pensioners, invalids) of war, labour, Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies Vasily Tikhonovich Volobuev; State Duma Deputy of the VII convocation Vladimir Katenev, veterans of the great Patriotic war; 17 schools in the district; representatives of the company “Neva MLM trade” and other honorary guests.

At the opening ceremony of the Avenue of Victory sounded from the stage touching words of the speakers, war songs. Children’s collectives of the district recited poems and letters.

The head of Primorsky district administration of Saint-Petersburg Nikolay Grigoryevich]:

“Many decades have passed since I heard the last shots were heard recent rumblings of the most destructive war in human history. And, of course, the most valuable thing we can keep in our hearts is the memory. The memory of those terrible events, when the cost of his own life of incredible hardships, efforts, tests our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers defended the freedom and independence of our Motherland. Going back to those distant times, we must remember what a great price paid for our country, our fellow countrymen, to give us the Victory.”

The solemn atmosphere was created by young activists in the military uniform of those years. Veterans and guests were treated to front porridge and hot tea. The townspeople and their children were able to feel the atmosphere of celebration accompanied by music during the war.

Maxim Kovalev, technical Director, Deputy General Director for production of LLC “MLM Neva trade”:

“Dear veterans! We are honored to do what little is in our power to keep the memory of the victims lived. We thrill to take part in the planting of the Avenue of Victory. On behalf of the company “Neva trade” say you a huge thanks for a clear sky and a peaceful life!”