Russians entered the top three leaders of the international charity race Wings for Life World Run


Russian sportsmen Alexander Cheburkin and Olesya Nurgalieva won the third place at the international charity race Wings for Life World Run, which 6 may 2018 joined more than 100,000 runners and participants in wheelchairs on more than 200 routes in 66 cities around the world. All the participants ran 934 484 km and collected more than 3 000 000 euros on researching spinal cord injuries.

Alexander Cheburkin was the first on the road in Kakheti (Georgia) with a score 74,69 km and Olesya Nurgalieva ran 53,61 km and won in Izmir (Turkey). Several athletes from Russia became the winners in individual countries. So famous biathlete, three-time European champion and three times bronze medalist of the European Championships Anton Babikov ran 60,10 km and took bronze in Vienna (Austria), winners of the Wings for Life World Run in 2016 in Kolomna Ivan Motorin and Elena Nurgalieva came in second place (59,69 km) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and fourth (52,26 km) in Izmir, respectively. In Kakheti, the leader of the women’s standings became Russian athlete Nina sarin is the result of c 47,34 km, and another Russian Alexander Morozov showed the second result (46 km) group run with a mobile app Wings for Life World Run in Quito (Ecuador).

First place in the overall ranking of the international charity race Wings for Life World Run for the second consecutive year was won by Swedish athlete with a disability Aaron Andersen, who rode in a conventional wheelchair 89,85 km in sunrise (USA), and the best result among women was shown by the athlete from Portugal Vera Nunez, breaking 53,78 km on the track in Munich (Germany).

“I’m extremely happy. This is a wonderful race for me is of great importance that we all come with one purpose – to raise funds for the search of ways to treat spinal cord injuries, — says Aaron Andersen, two years in a row showing a record for the race Wings for Life World Run the distance. – I am very tired, all body hurts, but I’m in a delightful mood!”

Wings for Life World Run is one of the most popular, inspiring and unusual format cross-country events. This is a race where all run to the finish, and from him until they catch up with a moving finish line: either a special vehicle, equipped with a reading device, on the official track, or car-finish that simulates the conditions of the race in the same mobile app that allows any participant to create their own race and join the tens of thousands of runners around the globe without leaving your home town. In Russia, the group races with the help of mobile applications were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

Cars-sprints start moving 30 minutes after the start at the same time around the world and gradually increase the speed. When such a car – real or virtual — is equal to a runner, the race ends for him. All participants, regardless of whether they run one of the official trails or running from a virtual car-the finish line with the help of mobile applications can compete for the title of champion.

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