Alpari Rugby club “Energy” continue to cooperate


In July 2018, “Energy” will compete for the title of national champion in the final of the Cup of Russia on Rugby-7.

The international financial Alpari brand, which is owned by prominent businessman from Kazan Andrey Dashin, a renewed partnership agreement with popular club of Tatarstan Republic of Kazakhstan “Energy”, the flagship of the Russian Rugby today. The contract involves full financial support team at the all-Russian and international competitions in Rugby-7 until the end of April 2019. Thus continues the mutually beneficial cooperation, which began in 2011 and is for the good of development of sports in Tatarstan.

“Alpari has a long tradition of sports support. We pay special attention to budding and promising athletes and teams whose professional success is already there and the talent, skills and experience, and lacks only a progressive training base. Our partnership with the Rugby club “Energy” has been seven years, and during that time the team and its students have achieved decent results. An example of this — the captain of Russian national team on the Olympic discipline of Rugby-7, Herman Davydov, a pupil of the club “Energy” (Kazan). Ahead of international and world competitions, where the athletes are ready to demonstrate their high level of training and the will to win,” said a member of the Board of Directors of Alpari Vladislav Kovalchuk.

Rugby club “Energy” was founded in 2003. In 2010, at its base due to the cooperation of the leaders of the club and repeated the success of the team, there was the Rugby branch of the Republican sports school of Olympic reserve “Dynamo”. Sustainable development receives and female component of the club. Since September 1, 2018 in the capital of Tatarstan will open a Department of women’s Rugby in RSDYUSSHOR Dynamo. The success is largely due to the participation of friends, partners and alumni of the club who care about people and private organizations who have active social position.

“Alpari brand is already familiar to the Rugby world not only in our participation in the championship of Russia on Rugby-7, but in successful performances of our teams in international competitions. For example, in a major international tournament for Rugby 7’s in Dubai (UAE). Long-term and effective support Alpari tangible results and gives the opportunity for self-expression for many teenagers, glorifies the Republican sports school Rugby. A few days ago “Energy” has reached the final the Cup of Russia on Rugby-7 and in July will compete for the title of champion of the country”, — said the President of the Rugby club “Energy” Pavel Kalaskin.

In cooperation Rugby club “Energy”, the Alpari Charitable Fund continue to work together to introduce children of Tatarstan who are in difficult life situations to sports. Already planned a number of activities for children BF Alpari to 2018: sports holidays with the viewing of matches at the Rugby 7’s in the stands of prestigious stadiums in Kazan, master classes in Rugby, commemorative sports accessories and gifts. This joint work will be an example of an effective increase of social responsibility of society, business and sport and provide an opportunity to children living on the territory of Tatarstan, to fully grow and develop regardless of the presence of the family, physical and mental abilities.

For three consecutive years, from 2015 to 2017, “Energy” among the six best teams of Russia on the Olympic discipline of Rugby-7. During this time already famous team became the champion of Russia in beach Rugby. Seven players of the RK “Energy” — silver medalists in the national team of Russia at the European championship in beach Rugby 2017, which is based on that of the club’s players. For 15 years, since the founding, the club has trained nearly 200 candidates for master of sports, about 30 masters of sports and one of the honored master of sports of Russia.

Alpari and sport

Sport occupies a special place in the sponsorship history of the Alpari brand. Over the years, the company has provided financial support to leading football clubs playing in both domestic and international arena. Partners include Alpari was the legendary football teams of the Moscow “Spartak” and Petersburg “Zenith” and also a bright representative of English Premier League team West Ham United, the national team of Russia in biathlon, sailing regatta of the World Match Racing Tour, basketball team New York Knicks, hockey team New York Rangers, the most famous sports arena in the world Madison Square Garden (new York).

Since 2011, Alpari has become a strategic partner of the Rugby team-7 “Energy” from Kazan. Since 2012 the company is the first and key sponsor of the outstanding Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin. In 2017, Alpari became the General partner of the Russian quatroporte. In the framework of the promotion of football, the brand has not remained aloof from such a large and prestigious events as the world football championship — 2018. In the beginning of this year signed a sponsorship agreement with an outstanding sports commentator and analyst Vasily Utkin.

The new Russian project “Veloekspeditsii Alpari to the North pole” triumphal implemented in April 2018. He brought to all fans of extreme sports two world records: “the First attainment of the North pole by Bicycle” and “The fastest round-the-world journey by bike in the Northern hemisphere”.

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