Activists of the platform of “Do it!” run in the Kazan marathon in support of the Foundation “House of Ronald McDonald”


May 20, 2018 in the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan will host the traditional marathon is one of the most beautiful competitions in Europe, which annually attracts runners from all over the world. The participants will be available in four different distance is 42.2 km, 21.1 km, 10 km and 3 km away. the competition will take part about 10 thousand athletes.

This year, the main social partner of the Kazan marathon was a Charitable Foundation “House of Ronald McDonald”. The aim of the event is to collect the amount of 3 000 000, which should be enough for two months of “House of Ronald McDonald” – free accommodation for families whose children receive medical treatment at Children’s Republican clinical hospital of Ministry of health of the Republic of Tatarstan. Each child at a difficult time and needs a mother. Thanks to the “House of Ronald McDonald” children can not be separated from their parents, and the savings on accommodation means parents use in the treatment and rehabilitation of children.

“We decided to invite runners and partners in command “Ronald McDonald House” and try sports fundraising. Participation in the charity run is one of the most affordable ways to help. And to every runner can create a support team and raise funds to support the Foundation, we used the platform, “Make”, — says Lada Simachev, the Manager on attraction of means of Fund “Ronald McDonald House”. — Many of our partners, friends, colleagues for the first time faced with the mechanics, but quickly got involved and started to create things and share them in social networks. It is comfortable, modern and even fun! And every activist can see the other actions, for example, the act of families out of the House, and help with a couple of clicks. Thus, more and more people learn about something important Fund.”

In support of the charity race at the Kazan Marathon runners from Kazan, Russia — activists of the platform of “Do it!” created 13 Actions that were supported by more than 120 supporters! Also in the race will be attended by 10 corporate teams from more than 150 runners.

Director of Kazan Marathon Vadim Yangirov did last year, he became an activist of the platform of “Do it!”, deciding to support the Foundation “House of Ronald McDonald” in Kazan, and threw a new challenge — to run for 21 consecutive days at 21.1 km, only km 443,1, under the motto: “closer and Closer with every step.” Each step brought the runners to the finish and approaching the parents for their ill children. “I set up a profile on the platform of “Do it!” in support of “House of Ronald McDonald” and urged his friends, colleagues and partners to support me – to make a donation to the Fund, — says Vadim Yangirov. — Set a goal – 480 000 rubles, the sum necessary for the maintenance of a room for families in the Home within 1 year. During the event responded to more than 75 people. Of course, it is very nice to feel the support of loved ones, this is a little easier to run”. Every day from 18 September to 8 October 2017 Vadim Yangirov ran half marathon distance (21.1 km) in support of the Foundation: “I posted the video on social media and once again spoke about the importance of support: you can help a small amount, but together we change the world! I ran 443,1 km! I completed the campaign on 8 October, finishing at the Kazan half marathon, which was also devoted to the support of “House of Ronald McDonald”. We managed to collect more than 200 000 and a huge number of caring people. I am grateful to everyone who made a donation, who made the posts and reposts”. Vadim Yangirov became a Goodwill Ambassador of the Fund “Ronald McDonald House”: “with the team Foundation, we regularly make joint projects and help families. 20th may 2018, I invite all to flee to Kazan Marathon and to support the Foundation “House of Ronald McDonald”. Each of you can join – there are several distances, novice runners can choose a 3km or 10km. You can do it! Join us! I’ll see you at the start!”.

“We are happy that Kazan was so active and responsive. says Ivan Starostin, co-founder of the platform “Do it!”. – Live here caring active people, and funds to understand the significance of mass fundraising. Well, the platform mechanism “Do it!” helps dozens and hundreds of runners realize their desire to maintain Kazan funds. We wish Kazan marathon successful achievement of athletic and fundraising goals!”.