Microsoft will invest $ 25 million in the creation of artificial intelligence for people with disabilities



Microsoft has announced the launch of a program AI for Accessibility with a budget of $ 25 million aimed at using artificial intelligence to assist people with disabilities, according to the website of the company. In the course of its implementation it is planned to develop intelligent applications for people with hearing, vision and other disabilities.

CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella at the Build conference in Seattle announced that the company is embarking on the development of artificial intelligence will help to cure diseases, to satisfy critical human needs and to create a more inclusive and comfortable society.

“At Build, we announced the launch of a new five-year program AI for Accessibility with a budget of 25 million dollars focuses on the use of AI to assist people with disabilities. Such people in the world more billion, noted Microsoft Vice President Frank Shaw, – AI for Accessibility encourages developers, non-governmental organizations, scientists, researchers, and inventors to work more actively to create solutions for people with disabilities, focusing on three areas: employment, interaction with other people and modern life.”

Frank Shaw said that in the framework of AI for Accessibility Microsoft will offer grants, latest technology and expert assistance for developing accessible intelligent solutions based on recent achievements of cognitive services Cognitive Services. “Our goal is to help developers create intelligent applications for people with defects of hearing, vision and other disabilities – said Frank Shaw. – This application can convert speech to text in real time, to recognize visual images, analyze the input text, to suggest completion of words and phrases – and these are just a few examples.” He stressed that such experience the company already has, citing as an example the application Seeing AI that tells about the environment, people with poor eyesight and blind, as well as the application Helpicto for people with autism.