In the Volgograd region have introduced a new service for people with disabilities – “hospital at home”


Photo: Monkey Business Images / Photobank Lori

For disabled and elderly people in the Volgograd region there is a new social service “hospital at home”, which provides for the stay of various professionals in the patient’s home for up to 4 hours per day, the press service of the regional administration. To help at home for disabled people and the elderly, fully or partially lost their mobility and self-care.

“”Hospital at home” is valid along with the existing social services system, however, is more frequent schedule of visits and a wide range of services. Among those who will be able to get help at home – lying, fully or partially lost their ability to self-care and movement, seriously ill citizens who are not being cared for, – have explained in Committee of social protection of population of the Volgograd region.

For such categories of the population will be most needed social and medical services. Experts will help them in cooking and eating, hygiene procedures, the implementation of medical appointments and various medical procedures. In addition, such people will be assisted in receiving assistance, not related to social services: medical, psychological, legal, educational.

More detailed information on the provision of “hospital at home” can get in the centers social protection of the population by place of residence. It will have 37 regional institutions of social protection of the Volgograd region.