The experts of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front convinced of the need to return the names of Soviet soldiers


The Moscow headquarters of the Russian popular front and members of the onf project “memory of the nation – the Volunteers of memory” in the Crimea and St. Petersburg held a teleconference “Remember all by name”. The online broadcast was joined by experts and activists of regional branches of the popular front in 71 regions of the country. It is the natives of these regions were the soldiers whose names became known through the activities of volunteers Memory. Only for the first four months of 2018 volunteers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Crimea managed to recover more than 10 thousand names of soldiers buried in mass graves from the capital to Berlin.

Recall, the final “Forum Actions” popular front “Russia is looking to the future” at the end of 2017, it was decided to extend it to the regions the experience of the experts of the Moscow onf search and restore the names of the Soviet soldiers buried as unknown.

In the Moscow branch of the popular front for the relatives of fallen soldiers presented “Certificates” Memory: Valentine Chibisova recalled that in late April 1945, the family received the soldier’s triangle that the war ends soon win, and then immediately came to funerals. Only now it became known that the ordinary Kruchinin Sergey Fedorovich died 22 April 1945 and buried at the memorial of Pankow in Berlin – here are 6 thousand unknown soldiers. Salpini sisters, Julia and Catherine, admitted that this day became a landmark for their families, they learned that their grandfather, missing the average Kalugin Sergey S., died April 28, buried in Treptower Park is one of the 5 thousand nameless heroes. Coordinator of the onf project “memory of the nation – the Volunteers memory” Vitali Kazakevich, promised Eugene Kuzovlev that his father’s name Andrew E. Kuzovlev, who went through the war and died in Austria, will appear on the burial site is now a grave No. 16.

“It is difficult to find the names, then to find relatives, but even harder to force officials to perpetuate the names returned in granite, – said the coordinator of the onf project “memory of the nation – the Volunteers memory,” the head of the international military-memorial center “the Returned names” Vitali Kazakevich. In September 2017 we handed over to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation 7.5 thousand names with detailed information about each soldier: where he was called, who is a relative, where he died and is buried. Officials delay a decision on the perpetuation. Yet the practice of applying granite recovered personal data of soldiers depends on the will of officials. So, in Slovenia, with the active participation of the Russian Embassy was caused to the 5 thousand names on the memorial Slavin.

While various agencies pass the buck for the perpetuation of the returned names to each other, the participants of the Patriotic project of the onf resort to other forms of preserving the memory of our heroes: may 8, will carry the names of deceased persons in an evacuation hospital No. 2965 (EG-2965) in Kurkino, may 9 nameplates with the returned names will be in the ranks of the “Immortal regiment” on the red square. Flags with the names of soldiers driven on the roads of Russia and Europe, the bikers from “Night wolves” – the participants of motomasa “Road to Victory – Berlin”.

“Victory have names, and we have to return them. We will hold a Patriotic action, and to disturb the officials for as long as the returned names of the Soviet soldiers buried as unknown, will not be applied to granite. Their relatives should have the opportunity to come to the memorial with their children, to bow to the feat of their glorious heroes and observe a minute of silence their bright memory”, – said Vitaly Kazakevich.

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