Sex workers of St. Petersburg congratulated with the may holidays


“World.Work. May!”. The team of charitable Foundation “Humanitarian action” were congratulated by sex workers, clients of the programme of HIV prevention, on the holidays.

Since 2001, since the official registration of the charitable Foundation “Humanitarian action” in St.-Petersburg works programme for the prevention of HIV among street sex workers, many of whom are drug addicts. Customers and employees affectionately call her “Little bus”because prevention is carried out in your paragraph on minibus. Girls are tested for HIV, receive hygiene kits and condoms to protect against sexually transmitted infections, consult with social workers, psychologists, trusted doctors.

During the may holidays the girls were given vitamins, mandarins and chocolate heart. Such small events for clients of the program to symbolize that the team of the Foundation refers to them in the first place, as to women, sees them as people, and not for sale body.

On the day of solidarity of all workers programme staff discussed with the girls the importance of unions to protect their rights. Supporting each other, together they can overcome the difficulties related to discrimination, access to HIV treatment and safety. The Fund’s team gives them hope, helps to restore confidence in their abilities and future.

Timetable of the “Small bus”:

19:00-24:00 Nevsky, Krasnogvardeisky districts
19:00-24:00 Krasnoselsky district
19:00-24:00 Frunzenskiy district
19:00-24:00 Vyborg, Kalininsky districts
19:00-24:00 Primorsky, Kalininsky districts

The telephone hotline of the bus: +7 931 210-30-07

Previously, the team “Blue bus” – a mobile office work with drug users, another project of the Foundation – in honor of Easter gave customers cakes. On Valentine’s Day the clients of the “Blue bus” got chocolate hearts, February 23 men were given socks, on March 8 girls arkapolimetall handed over flowers and candy. Seemingly small things, but people from whom many turned away, pleased.