“New Me!”: Fund “Arithmetic good” started with the project of transformation for adoptive mom


In the charity Fund “Arithmetic good” ended the pilot project “New me”. Twenty foster mom spent three weeks with stylists, cosmetologists, hair stylists, fashion designers, fitness trainers and life coaches – and finished in the final catwalk completely transformed! The Foundation plans to make the project “New me” constant.

“I talk a lot with the foster mothers of our Club. And we are all missing resource. We always talk about our kids and sometimes we forget to care for themselves. We decided to remind mothers that they, too, deserve attention, love, care”, — says Alexei Semin, the author of the idea and organizer of the project “New me” , coach, business coach, volunteer of the Fund “Arithmetic good”.

In the project there was a preference for solo-mothers, mothers of large families, or those who are already in emotional burnout.

All companies and professionals who worked on the transformation of the participants, collaborated with the project pro bono. This, in particular, the beauty of “Empire” in Balashikha, the Studio of beauty “#Mirror”, Spa “Sabbia” in Mitino, beauty Studio “Be Ready” and Olga Savelieva, life-blogger, writer, makeup artists Mary Malkin, Jannik Shatalova, Elena Borisov, Elena Avramenko, Svetlana Lysenkova, photographers: Olga Lipetskaya, Anna Levina, Natalia Mortlock, Natalie Frigo. Stylists Alexander Taran, Irina Wind, Irina Pozdnyakova, Irina Yakimchuk, Natalia Prokofiev, Julia Fedorova, Isupova Varvara, Ekaterina Kiseleva created the image of each participant and from their hands, picking them new style. And Sophia Pushkin studied not only the external transformation of women, but also worked as a life coach. Sponsor of the event confectionery “Sweet Craft”, the General Director Yana Morozova actively supported the idea of the project.

“Foster children come into families and are changing a lot inside. The most significant changes occur, of course, the lifestyle mom. Our Club is a lot of women who, having children, abandoned a successful career, because to combine work and education with rehabilitation, if it is also small and not very healthy, it is virtually impossible, says Diana Mashkova, head of the Club “the ABC of foster family the” Fund “Arithmetic good”. — All time and effort given to the family; almost no one has the ability to do them. A gradual accumulation of fatigue, attention begins to seem unnecessary, and sometimes even embarrassing.

This affects the attitude as a woman. It was incredibly interesting to watch the metamorphosis. And it’s not just the external changes, which is very important. It’s the internal condition of self-confidence, respect for its natural beauty. A sense of importance, a feeling of acceptance — these things are healing. Because the final show was so radiant face mom, who watched the admiring eyes of their children, husbands and friends. Each felt their worth and recognize their right to take care of themselves”.