In the Udmurt Republic conducted the online quiz for people with disabilities, dedicated to the world Cup



Udmurtskaya Respublikanskaya obshhestvennaya organizaciya INVALIDOV Blago holds WebQuest milking people with disabilities, devoted world championship on football which will pass in this year in Russia, reports the official site of administration of Izhevsk. Answers to the quiz questions must be sent before July 15.

“The contestants should have good knowledge and research skills. For participation in the additional category, contestants are invited to submit a story about your football yard past and present, with photos of the yard team and a story about the fate of their friends who held the childhood”, – said the organizers of the event.

Participation in the quiz can take people with disabilities who love football, know his story and have research skills. No restrictions on age of individuals, their diagnoses and categories of disabilities no.

Answers to the quiz questions must be sent before July 15, 2018 (the day of the final match of the world Cup) to the email addresses of project coordinators: and Additional information: by phone + 7 (919) 900-28-97 and on the website of UROOJ “Good.”