The tour of the factory in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself”


27 APR 2018 fascinating excursion to the factory “CLAAS” was held by the employees of the company for the students of 9 class of MBOU SOSH №75 of the village of yelizavetinskaya in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself: self-determination and career guidance of high school students from several schools and children with disabilities” that is implemented on the territory of Krasnodar Krai Charity organization “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
☀Today, the company CLAAS is the European leader, producing self-propelled combine harvesters and tractors.
☀During the tour the students visited the main production areas, saw jewelry cutting metal, laser systems, robotic welding, learned how from many individual parts created by modern harvesters.
☀The highlight of the excursion program was a visit to the guys Technopark, a unique platform on which the equipment of the plant. The exhibits demonstrate the evolution of the global combine harvester. It is noteworthy that the children had
the opportunity to stay in the cab, take a photo, feel yourself a real driver for an equipment.
☀During the tour the students were able to evaluate the scale and level of technical progress of modern engineering, see the whole cycle of the Assembly of agricultural machinery, to visit and to consider in detail the cockpit of the cars, including the resident of the Guinness book of records tractor Claas Xerion 4500 — one of the most powerful tractors in the world.
☀The children listened attentively to the tour guide, asked lots of questions. And as soon the students will need to choose a profession, the school, the guys are primarily interested in where to study to become an employee of the company, what salaries are paid members of the staff of the plant “CLAAS”, etc.
☀It should be noted that the plant “CLAAS” is considered the most equipped and modern manufacturer of agricultural equipment in Europe. Here, the automation of working processes at the highest level, created the most comfortable conditions not only for employees but also for its visitors. For example, our children used special
equipment for the excursion participants (headphones, microphone) to better perceive and understand information in noisy and huge departments.
☀The kids really enjoyed the tour of the factory. Many of them began to think seriously about becoming part of a huge team from CLAAS.
Thank you for your participation in the project administration of MBOU SOSH №75 art Elizabethan and welcome to attend other schools!
☀Project “Believe in yourself, career counseling high school students and children with disabilities” is implemented on the territory of Krasnodar region ANO social and charitable programs “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
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