In the inclusive framework of the project “Believe in yourself” to make a magical journey into the world of Musical theatre


In the inclusive framework of the project “Believe in yourself” to make a magical journey into the world of Musical theatre🦋
Musical theatre “Premiere”, on April 29 2018 rosy met young guests — wards ANO “Blue bird” and pupils of the correctional school GBOU №91. The tour was conducted in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself: self-determination and career guidance of high school students from several schools and children with disabilities” that is implemented on the territory of Krasnodar Krai Charity organization “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
🦋Host of the event – Eugene Carpanini, gave a fascinating interview with the boys, introducing them to the activity of the Musical theatre and its bright, creative and interesting representatives. Team Musical theatre is more than 1,500 people. Of these, more than 300 artists can be seen on the stage.
🦋A warm and friendly meeting began with an “interview” with the actress Karina Peter. During the conversation the guys got acquainted with the profession, including a range of different skills and talents. After all, a real actor should be able to sing, dance, perform gymnastics, we have to be physically prepared and fully developed.
The students were told about the special phrases that are unique to this type of activity. For example, the expression “dial a light” means preparing a light background with the light designers for the evening’s performances. And the expression “suits for spots” does not mean that they can be dirty, and refers to dresses that represent a certain historical epoch. These suits set the play needed a character, so to speak, the tone.
Karina told the children about organics and the charisma of the actors, told about the existence of such thing as “acting nature”, when the person who is on stage, feels like a fish in water.
Also, the actress spoke about the importance of elocution — the ability to speak clearly and distinctly so that everyone in the audience could hear him, even in the distant back of the room. And as a little experiment, children were given practice in pronunciation of various tongue twisters. It turned out to be not so simple!
🦋Children acquainted with the story of the birth of costume for example wear of “die Fledermaus”. Before the suit appears, his sketches and considering the special Commission. After making the sketch technologist costume designer selects the fabric, then sew them in the weaving shops. And the costumer is always in a hurry to help the actors before the show, helping to put on a suit and give it a finished look. Thanks to the coordinated work of makeup artists and costume designers, actors before a performance “getting into character”, maintain a good mood, focus and set up the game on stage.
More details of the professions makeup artist and Pasteur (specialist in the production and selection of wigs, mustaches, beards) children were introduced to the master of makeup Vlad Gorelik. The kids really liked to transform into different characters with the help of a fake mustache, noses, wigs and other characteristic attributes needed to create a scenic image.
🦋In addition to profession of an actor in the Theater and other creative professions. About the features one of them told the children ballet soloist Anastasiya Sokolova. The guys even tried himself in the role of ballet dancers trying to perform fouettés near a makeshift lathe. It really is great work — correctly and gracefully perform a circular rotation (about 30 turns) in one place.
But in the theatre there are professions that are not related to the creative process, and involving the work with the audience. It is the set designers, musicologists, specialists in public relations, PR, sales.
No less interesting was acquaintance with the secrets of the set design: what materials are made dishes, fruit, home interior so that it looked realistic.
🦋A lot about the life of actors guys could even think of. For example, artists when the schedule is not a performance, it is still very busy — involved in the rehearsals of the current repertoire, each day attend vocal and dance lessons, that is
work, learn, hone their skills and never stop on achieved!
🦋In the Theater has its own signs. For example, in any case can not “drop role” (i.e. the folder with the texts). If all-taki “the role has fallen,” need to sit on it, and then the performance goes well. Also artists before the show, do not wash your hair, do not sew clothes, to suddenly forget his lines.
🦋And the guys, and the artists asked each other questions during the meeting. The children were interested and the financial question: what kind of salaries and Musical theatre. Artists, in turn, asked the young guests about what profession they will choose in the future. And only two guys have already decided to choose their path.
The joint efforts of the theater staff and students identified several schools in Krasnodar, which are associated with the theatrical professions. For example, this is an Art school that trains artists, decorators, Kuban state University with the Art Department, Institute of arts, the school of Music, graduating orchestra musicians and other artists.
🦋And Musical Theatre acting Studio for Children, which prepares young artists since 5 years, the most talented of whom participate in performances, playing a small but very serious role!
Thanks to the open, relaxed, warm conversation, the students became immersed in the world of theatre, taking in the atmosphere and theatrical spirit. The theatre is a great creative platform that brings together bright, creative, talented people who have dedicated their lives to the art!
🦋ANO “Blue bird” thanks for the opportunity to travel to the General Director of “Krasnodar creative Association “Premiere” named after L. G. Rose — Gatovu Tatiana Mikhailovna, as well as employees of the theatre Carpanini Eugene, Anastasia Sokolov, Vlad Gorelik and Steve Peter for the warm and informative meeting!
🦋Project “Believe in yourself, career counseling high school students and children with disabilities” is implemented on the territory of Krasnodar region ANO social and charitable programs “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
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