“Gazprom Neft-Orenburg” has awarded winners of competition “Green planet”


In Smorodinskii and Berdyansk schools ended ecocenters “Green planet” organized by the company “Gazpromneft-Orenburg”. The competition was held in the framework of all-Russian ecological subbotnik “Green spring” with the support of the social investment program “home towns”.


The works were presented in five categories. The children drew plants and animals, has made environmental posters, clothing, crafts and furnishings from natural materials. As part of the “Green planet” held a competition of pictures and good night, she said about the environmental activities of children’s groups. The winners and participants of the “Green planet” received diplomas and gifts from the company.


“No wonder the summer was spent in the field, shot types and native wildlife in Berdyanka. With us engaged a professional photographer Victor Osin, which, thanks to the grant competition of “Gazprom oil” organized in our school’s photo club”, – said the winner of the contest sixth grader Paul Jankovic.


“Competition “Green planet” is being held for the third year. This is one way to attract younger Orenburg to caring about nature. The results of the competition for pupils is not only prizes, but also a rewarding experience: this year, volunteers “Gazprom Neft-Orenburg” and the students together put in Berdyanka birch and poplar,” said head of corporate communications of “Gazprom Neft-Orenburg” Alexander Cherkasov.