37% of Russians aged 50+ every day using the Internet


New opportunities for diverse potential of employees over the age of 50 years was discussed 24 April 2018, the roundtable participants of the Russian managers Association on the topic: “Business 50+”. According to Rosstat, the number of people over the age of 50 is a quarter of the population of Russia.


Elena Petrenko, Director for science of the public opinion Foundation, spoke about social capital and innovative potential of the “silver of Russia”. According to research FOM, portrait “silver” is as follows: 61% women and 39% men, 30% are employed in the national economy, a third of them (9%) in the industrial sector and the rest in non-production; 64% of non — working pensioners, 1% of entrepreneurs. The Russians have 50+ very active socially: according to the April 2018 27% silver Russians included in the volunteer movement. 37% of Russians 50+ every day using the Internet. “Black Russians – the underused today, potential of innovative development of the country,” said Petrenko.


Marina Bezuglova, CEO of GfK Rus, presented a study of the values and needs of the audience of 50+. In particular, the representatives of the 50+ in the world and in Russia, have different perceptions of the concept of “the good life”. In the world of 50+ people want to enjoy life and relationships, and in Russia – want financial stability. Russians aged 50+ are more interested in finances, politics, culture than the younger generation. According to Bezuglova, people get older and is a global trend, and society has to be prepared for that in terms of health care, dependency.


Irina Bakhtin, Vice President, sustainable business development and corporate relations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Israel, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, Unilever, noted that in Russia at Unilever employs 12% of the employees of this generation. And the company professes the following principles: equality, professional and career opportunities, public recognition, a special approach to the health care staff 50+.

Elena Seregina, Director of corporate social responsibility and internal communications of MTS, mentioned that MTS entered the market of 50+ with the educational theme, and put forward the thesis that “the pensioner was completely different.”


The issue of improving the competitiveness of workers 50+ on the labour market highlighted Konstantin Taranov, Director of the Center for health development city government University of management Moscow. The main problems of employment include: low awareness of citizens 50+ possibilities of continued employment and other forms of employment, social isolation after retirement, the lack of demand for knowledge and experience of senior citizens, including coaching and mentoring. Thus, the development Centre of social technologies “Silver age” was created in order to provide the older generation with an opportunity for self-including through training, involvement in social projects, volunteering, recovery.


Evgeny Neverov, Director of the Moscow region network of World Class, said, what is interesting is a generation of 50+ fitness and a healthy lifestyle. “The demands of society on the organization of healthy lifestyle, active old age is very high, as shown by the growing popularity of specializing in the topic of bloggers, user activity in social networks and growth of commercial product offerings on the subject”, — said Neverov.


Turning to the issue of care for the older generation, Anastasia Lazebna, Director General of the portal “Baba-Deda”; he described the advantages of the use of Russia’s largest online catalogue of proposals for the older generation throughout Russia.


Elena Shakhova, editor in chief of the online magazine “New retiree”, titled his speech as “self-employment in older age: opportunities, barriers, overcoming or 67 years – the peak of life.” Elena herself took up the business just after the age of 50 years. And this helped her introspection, the inner attitude, the right motivation. “This is the beginning of any further human development. In fact is the beginning of a new life,” said Yadav.


At the end of the discussion, the audience agreed that, for a number of reasons, especially for marketers and recruiters, you must consider the fact that the Russian market is growing employment and activity of people over 50 years old.