“I also know how to run!”: the activist platform of “Do it!” support the desire of people with down syndrome Jogging


The activist platform of “Do it!”, blagoevo, Eugene drozdowski decided to help people with down syndrome also Jogging, creating the Act to raise funds in support of the Foundation “Syndrome of love.” Professional athlete Eugene drozdowski, having become acquainted with the “Syndrome of love”, decided together with the Fund to launch the project “I also know how to run”.

“We met Eugene. This is probably the response of the cosmos to our requests. The Fund is a “Syndrome of love” develops the theme of sport for young people with down syndrome: swimming, soccer, and now running – the idea liked our ward Stas Bogdanov, and we started to look for some opportunities sections, coach. At this moment we come to Eugene drozdowski, believed it, got excited and made an Act in support of the project “I also know how to run!”, — says Irina Menshenina, CEO of the charity Fund “the Syndrome of love.” Stas is our first cross-country history. If you succeed, then it will become a model for other children with down syndrome and their parents. In the meantime, we need to acquire the techniques, knowledge, experience, coaches, and the community. To make such a project sustainable, you need time and have to invest resources, including money. To say that the project will go down fast, don’t: it’s very new for our country, and our Foundation approach to solving problems systematically. This is a trial balloon, but it is an important start to the project “I also know how to run!”. We are pleased that, through the platform mechanism “Do it!” manages to attract the attention to this issue and implement a fundraising collection at the start of the project. Eugene it is important to maintain, it is work for the future, help a guy with down syndrome, and generations of these guys!”. Eugene has set a goal to collect 500 thousand roubles which will go on development of the project.

Stas already ran with Eugene during an open training session, their first 2 kilometers. Now coaches, doctors and Methodists Fund “Syndrome of Love” and Eugene cook of Stas to his first official start of the marathon in the deserted steppes of Volgograd region, Elton Ultra-Trail 2018, which will be held on may 26.

“I really liked this format of charity, — says Eugene about the mechanism of the fundraising platform of “Do it!”, giving the opportunity to private fundraisers-activists to help funds and their wards. — We have X-Waters, I was one of the organizers of this network heats, long had the idea to make our organizations and charitable mission. The procedure of registration on the platform was easy”.

“People with down syndrome can no less than every one of us, says Eugene drozdowski. – And if they have some purpose, they will be childishly stubborn and it will!”.