With support from the charity Foundation “Safmar” M. Gutseriev in Karakulinskogo the region of Udmurtia completed the restoration of monuments to WWII soldiers


On the eve of the Victory Day holiday, when support from the charity Foundation “SAFMAR” Mikhail Gutseriev in the villages Karakulinskogo district completes restoration 21 the monument to soldiers killed during the great Patriotic war. The most ambitious among the monuments of all the regional centers of the Udmurt Republic is Memorial complex located in the village of Karakulino. The complex has great historical and cultural significance, not only for the region but for the country as a whole.

Most of the monuments established over 50 years ago and need serious renovation. Charitable Foundation “SAFMAR” has allocated funds for the current repair and improvement around them. Thanks to the support of the Foundation will be able to put in proper form the square of memory in the village of Boyarka, to restore the obelisk in the village of Bergunda, the villages of the Vyatka, Galanova, Kolusheva and other objects on the territory Karakulinskogo district. The upgrade is scheduled for completion on Victory Day.

Businessman and philanthropist M. S. Gutseriev pays a special attention to projects aimed at the preservation of historical memory, places of military glory and support of veterans. So, traditionally on the eve of Victory Day, with the support based M. S. Gutseriev BF SAFMAR held charity events for veterans. This year the Foundation also allocates funds for the purchase of gifts for participants of the great Patriotic war, and assisted in the organization and holding of gala evenings and cultural events. Many of these projects appeared in the program Fund on the personal initiative of its founder Mikhail Gutseriev Safarbekovich. They are a tribute to those who defended the Fatherland, and would contribute to the strengthening of ties among generations and instilling in youth a sense of patriotism.