Results of all-Russian socially-oriented action “jungle” for children


“Jungle” together with the Foundation of food “Rus” held already the fourth annual good campaign “Put your heart in a big case.” (2017 — “Help from the heart to children”). From 1 February to 7 April 2018 during lent delicious products are “jungle” received more than 75 000 children across Russia.

Distribution of cereals, biscuits and crackers “jungle” to needy families took place in 10 regions of Russia: Moscow and Moscow region, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, the Voronezh, Pskov, Smolensk, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Helping children was the joint achievement of all buyers of vegetable products “jungle” and the organizers — “jungle” and Fond of food “Rus”. Just buying caring Russians are allowed to make additional amount of product to transfer children from low-income families and with disabilities.

The main result of kind action — not so much food aid but significant contribution to the strengthening of the faith of their children in goodness. Such a socially significant effect is confirmed by the results of a recent survey. It was held at the initiative of the brand in a number of Russian cities among 125 children aged 6-11 years and their parents, receiving the products of “jungle” in previous years.

Good deeds and sincere help have a positive impact on children’s worldview: encouraging, giving confidence in human kindness, provide moral support. 82 % of families say that children began to believe in goodness since then, they started to production of “jungle” during the campaign “Put your heart in a big case!”. The same follows from the words of the children themselves:

“Doing good, become a bit of a magician” (Dima, 9 years old, Voronezh)

 “Good is when with all friends, share everything and all help” (Valeria, 7 years old, village of Kasna Smolensk region)

 “Good is all good and useful thing you can do for other people, even strangers” (Sonia, age 5, village Uspenskoe in Smolensk region)

“Welcome to love mom when you love me, do the right thing, that all was well and hearty” (Timothy, 8 years old, the village of Agalatovo, Leningrad region)

“Good is when I help people, animals. Let it be a small thing, but with all my heart” (Tom, 8, village, Tumanovo Smolensk region)

Reports on the stock, “Put your heart in a big case.” 2018 and previous years at and ponderadamente.of the Russian Federation.




About the brand “Lyubyatovo”

“Jungle” is one of the largest Russian brands of biscuits, crackers and Breakfast cereals. Exists since 2008 and every year introduces new products, which are produced from the finest Russian grain and is designed for the whole family. Portfolio includes more than 70 items in all regions of Russia, CIS and Mongolia. Since 2013 the brand “Lyubyatovo” takes an active part in charitable projects and initiates its own program, within which to present to needy families and children throughout Russia transferred about 30 million servings of products (1 serving = 30 g of product). Detailed information