Published annual program of rehabilitation of veterans


In 2018 346 veterans of war, labor and logistics will undergo a program of comprehensive medical and psychological rehabilitation, created the charitable Foundation “Sistema” and JSC “Group of companies “Medsi” with the support of the Moscow Government.

“Supporting veterans is a long-term strategic project of the Foundation, said the President of the charity Fund “System” Anna Yanchevskaya. — This year “System” will invest in the program, “Caring for veterans” more than 50 million rubles About 90% of this amount will go to the cost of high-tech medical care and medicines. We understand that these people have done a lot for us to have a future, so it is especially important to maintain the link between generations and the memory of the feat, and also to be around in the present.”

In the framework of veterans to the Moscow city Council of veterans, will go to the rehabilitation and health-improving complex “Otradnoe”, where will be a set of procedures aimed at rehabilitation and improving the quality of life. The course duration will be two weeks. The veterans races scheduled from may to December. The emphasis is on improving fitness, therapy mental and psychological disorders after a heart attack, stroke, hip fracture and other injuries. Specialists of the rehabilitation and fitness complex MEDSI Otradnoye developed for veterans personal set of procedures, given the nature of health, to combat senile asthenia, memory impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and complications after all types of operations.

“Worldwide there is now a real epidemic of loneliness, when people, especially the elderly, are experiencing a shortage of attention and communication, the need for human participation and friendship. These feelings become especially acute in different disease States, for example, with such typical age-related condition as a syndrome in the elderly.. For me, as a doctor-anesthetist, it is very important that the program is “Care for veterans” means treatment and rehabilitation of veterans with different conditions and the constant close contact with them,” — said the head of the Department of therapy, geriatrics and anti-aging medicine FMBA of Russia Andrey Ilnitsky.