In Tomsk region the registration of disability is more than a month


Photo: Alexander Podshivalov / Photobank Lori

Anonymous surveys of citizens who have passed the examination in Bureau of ITU of the Tomsk region, showed that only a quarter of them managed to pass the examination for registration of disability for less than one month, according to city portal “Tomsk.Ru”. Compared to previous years, the situation with the time spent for the issue of disability has deteriorated.

As shown by the data of anonymous survey, 35% of respondents to the survey in Bureau of the ITU have gone a month, and 40% of respondents said they had to spend more than a month. And only 25% of respondents failed to meet the deadline less than one month.

This information was announced during a meeting of the Public Council of the Bureau of medico-social examination of the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation for Tomsk region. Compared with a similar survey conducted earlier, the situation with the timing of the registration of disability worsened. Many people complain that the passage of the same procedures and paperwork takes more time.

Previously, we reported that the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation published a draft order, which establishes the procedure and criteria for assessing the quality of services in the field of culture, health, education, social services and institutions of medico-social examination. One of the key criteria is the availability of such services for persons with disabilities.