In Moscow police have detained participants in a may day demonstration with mental disorders



On the may day demonstration in Moscow, the police detained participants of the action “Psychoactive”, which was attended by people with mental disorders, wrote on his page in Facebook the promoter Katrin Nenasheva. According to her, the police said that the demonstration is for members, not for those who talks about his depression. “No more depression. It you invented it,” he said, according to Nenasheva, one of the Policemen.

“We – the column of psychoactivity – were brutally detained by the police and regardie – said Catherine Nenasheva. – People pushed, kicked, dragged through the mourning. Some have disabilities, many of the detainees have mental health and mental disorders. The activists were dragged on the sidewalk. Some had a panic attack.”

Nenashev said that in the column “Psychoactive” the demonstration involved people with mental disorders. The posters were informative character, the column had participants with bipolar, schizoaffective disorder, depression, anxiety-depressive disorders, agrophobia. The column was part of the demonstration of trade unions, the entrance to which was free for all.

“Embarrassing, scary and ridiculous: a convoy of activists fighting for the rights and destigmatization people with mental peculiarities were brutally detained by the police – outraged Catherine Nenasheva. Among the slogans of the demonstrators “do Not be ashamed! Not scary! Not funny!”, “You’re not alone!” The question is, who in this situation crazy?”


Previously, we reported that on may 1 in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the demonstration will go column, in which will be children and adults with mental illness, volunteers, human rights activists and all who are not indifferent to the problem of people with mental peculiarities in Russia. “We propose to go on may day demonstration to all those who were isolated in society, have experienced discrimination in treatment in a psychiatric hospital, faced with madness, and those who considers himself a man, not fitting into social norms, – said the organizers. – Human behavior in the city is strictly regulated, and the person with the diagnosis to become even more vulnerable. May day demonstration the most suitable for statements about people with a psychiatric diagnosis”.