In Chelyabinsk, a disabled girl not allowed in cafes, mistaking her for drunk



Security guard cafe “Pretty Betty” in Chelyabinsk was not allowed to him a disabled girl, mistaking her for drunk, it is reported in group “Our Chelyabinsk” in the social network Vkontakte. According to their friend accompanying the girl explained that a girl with a disability and that is why she has such a gait, but the guard did not want to hear anything and pointed them to the door.

This story told Farid Gilmanov, friend Anastasia and Alexandra, who after walking through the pedestrian Kirovka in Chelyabinsk decided to go to a cafe. The choice they stopped at a cafe “Pretty Betty”, but to get there they failed. The guard decided that the girl was drunk and did not let her in the cafe.

“Anastasia eye problems and small problems with gait, but Alexander always helps her and protects her, – said Farid Gilmanov. – Gait Anastasia took over Alexander drunk… how could have explained that the girl is disabled, she walk like him. But the guard did not want even to listen.”


Is it possible to sue the cafe, if it is not equipped for people with disabilities?

In the comments most of the users of the group group “Our Chelyabinsk” condemned the behavior of the guard, and some of them suggested to boycott the cafe. One user also suggested Anastasia to go to court and demand compensation for moral damage.

Previously, we reported that a group of blind people with a guide dog refused to serve in the Novosibirsk cafes network “Shashlykoff”. In one of the cafe said that they will not let such visitors, especially with the dog. The other two blind visitors to let agreed, but only without the dog.

We wrote about that girl in the wheelchair not been admitted to the bar in Krasnoyarsk, explaining the refusal to care about her safety. Anastasia Boyko, who uses a wheelchair, was not allowed into bar Harley’s. The guards explained this by the fact that the wheelchair is unsafe to be there.