The history of blood donation in the history of the Moscow family


22 may 2018 16 p.m. will be held the next lesson of the module “Motivators for a healthy lifestyle. Family tree of health” educational program the Training center for organizers of movement of the donor of the National Fund of healthcare development. To participate in the classroom educational module can everyone who is interested in practical genealogy, the basics of removedeny, a family history.

Class participants will discuss how to find and organize information on donor activity of a family member, to obtain information about the awarded ranks “the Honourable donor of Moscow”, “Honorary donor of Russia”, “Honorary donor of the USSR” will get specialist advice. Will the results of the practical exercises: filling questionnaires relatives, Blanca family tree.

Also at the session, participants will discuss common sources of genealogical information technology construct queries in archival institutions, genealogical search through social networks, Internet resources for beginners roudoudou.

Classes of the module “Motivators for a healthy lifestyle. Family tree of health” will be of interest to anyone interested in practical genealogy and family prevention of diseases and will help to answer the question of how to find information about their relatives, their donor journey how to consider information about family diseases, with the help of some programs and services to make a family tree. Among the partners educational module program of systematization of genealogical information, “the Tree of life”, the blood Center of FMBA of Russia.

Registration for the class – (up to 15 h 21 may 2018).

Educational program and other activities of the Training center for organizers of donor movement free for their participants.

Events are held in the framework of the project “Moscow resource center blood donation platform for the development of voluntary activity”, implemented by the National Foundation for development of health outcome the public relations Committee of Moscow city competition of socially oriented non-profit organizations.