Acquaintance with folk culture in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself”


Acquaintance with folk culture in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself”: the wards of ANO “Blue bird” took part in a master class on making traditional dolls
In the Krasnodar regional art Museum named after F. A. Kovalenko 27 APR 2018 held a master class on making traditional dolls for 10 wards guys ANO “Blue bird” and their brothers and sisters.
The lesson was organized in the framework of the project “Believe in yourself: self-determination and career guidance of high school students from several schools and children with disabilities” that is implemented in the Krasnodar region Charitable organization “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
Teacher of the master class Dina Igorevna acquainted children with the history of folk dolls that have been accompanying the people was in every house, decorating and preserving it.
The materials from which were made the puppets, were very diverse: fabric, wood, clay, Talash, bark, twine and even corn on the cob! Dina Igorevna showed the kids about 15 different folk dolls, each with its sacred purpose.
In the practical part of the master class guys themselves were 2 types of dolls without the use of needles, bonding the product with knots. One of the dolls was symbolic. This is a favorite and close
the guys the bird, which, according to legend, brings good news. The second doll was “Bunny
. Details about the project here:
finger”, which was intended for kids, protecting them from diseases and different nepriyatnostey.
It is a curious fact said guys: all the doll was made without the contours of the face. Turns out, it was thought that through the mouth, nose and eyes comes trouble, illness, problems, that is why dolls were “without a face”.
All classes Dina I. are very fun, interesting, fully capture the attention of children who do not notice how fast time flies. Children learn so many new, unusual, create their own little masterpieces, getting great experience, acquiring knowledge and skills of these masters.
Heartily we Express gratitude for the conducting master class of the head of the informational-educational center “the Russian Museum: the virtual branch” Konkin Dina Igorevna.
The project “Believe in yourself, career counseling high school students and children with disabilities” is implemented on the territory of Krasnodar region ANO social and charitable programs “Blue bird” with the support of the PJSC “Rostelecom”.
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