5 tweets for fundraisers for 3 May 2018


5 tweets for fundraisers for 3 May 2018 Fundraising UK Ltd May 3, 2018 1:40 pm May 3, 2018 1:40 pm

Five more tweets that should be of interest to fundraisers, plucked from the Twitter firehose. We’ve got a nudge, call to action lessons from a newspaper, an illustration of the ‘fundraising lifecycle’, and some thoughts on how people (you, me, supporters!) read text on screen.

1. Tomorrow is only a day away

Sometimes it is better to ask for a donation deferred, rather than an instant gift.

2. Fundraising lessons from The Guardian

Another example from The Guardian of how to combine outrage with practical support. Fundraising ideas and inspiration are available from many sources, not just other charities. 

3. Fundraising lifecycle?

Does the fundraising lifecycle offer a better model than the fundraising pyramid?

4. How do we read online? 

Did you scan this page to reach this point? There are other ways that we read online – and that of course includes donors.

5. Top charities or just different charities?

Stories about “top 100 charities” have their value, but not if you then extrapolate them to all charities. The CEO of the Small Charities Coalition makes a plea.