The girl was shocked by her boyfriend before the prom, the first time standing on their feet after illness



A girl from the U.S. named Morgan posted on Twitter a touching video that captures the moment she first stood on its feet 10 months after a serious operation. Morgan made a surprise to my boyfriend, alone came out to meet him before the prom. Users of social networks was very touched by this video, during the day it has garnered over 8 million views.

Morgan underwent a major surgery 10 months ago, due to which she developed conversion disorder, violated the motor and sensory functions. All this time she was on crutches or in a wheelchair.

The girl was undergoing rehabilitation and has been working hard again to start walking on their own. First go itself without crutches and assistance she decided on the day of their graduation, when she had come of her boyfriend Tariq. When he appeared in the house of Morgan and saw her own coming toward him, first startled, and then with a cry rushed to the girl and hugged her.

No fewer emotion Morgan and Tariq brought himself prom. On it the girl was voted Queen of the prom.

This video touched many users of social networks. Many of them admitted that they cried after watching the video. In days this video has garnered over 8 million views, in 3 days it was 12 million views. In comments to the video noted that many people don’t appreciate what they have, for example, the ability to move independently.