Man, I love that I give. In St. Petersburg took place the XIII Day of the Patron.


Each Day of the Patron, against the background of traditions and rituals, their zest. Was no exception and the 13-th festival of philanthropists and socially responsible companies, the past – according to tradition – in the Hermitage theatre of the State Hermitage and began with a traditional plant: the Peacock clock. But for the first time this action was accompanied by the Estonian actors of plastic theatre “the Royal giraffe”, and because it looked particularly spectacular. Then the guests were able to see the gifts of Girdin Sergei and Yuri Abramov, the Museum exhibited in the theater lobby. For the first time the festival was held April 13 – the birthday guy Zilina Patron, calculated by us for one of Horace’s odes and celebrate this day in many cities of Russia, and ten days later. But opened it by tradition, General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, who presented the latest issue of the almanac “Russian Maecenas”, whose Board of Trustees he heads.

Then the editor of the anthology Arkady Sosnov with a slide show demonstrated the effect of corporate philanthropy on the example of JSC “TGC-1” – with its support and the lighting system renewed several famous halls and exhibits of the Hermitage. The light of good deeds is shed not only on high Hermitage art. Known Petersburg artist Ekaterina Positselskaya gave ward charity organization “Perspectives” artist-the autistic albert Kotov his painting “First Sunny day”. Thanks for that I must say and the nurse psychoneurological boarding school, Larisa Nikolaevna Gorokhova, which in the time off helped to bring albert to the Hermitage to see the “Peacock” and participate in the celebration. In turn, the Director of the clinic Come Mode Ekaterina Glagoleva, which has long been friendly with “Prospects”, presented 16 certificates on free service for mothers of children with severe disabilities.

The festivities continued with a succession of touching dialogue. Director of the Memorial Museum of A. V. Suvorov Vladimir Gronsky thanked the patron Moussa Ekzekov for assistance in the acquisition of a unique collection of tin guards. The head of the municipality Shushary Ruslan Tikhomirov expressed appreciation Gracie Poghosyan and his Foundation for help in restoring the memory of the Quaker Daniel Wheeler, oushalem in the early nineteenth century the marshes near St. Petersburg. Branch Director of the Kaliningrad Museum of the World ocean – “the Icebreaker “Krasin” Irina Sent took from the hands of Nikolai miklouho-Maclay ritual dish Tagir with Islands, Papua New Guinea, brought from an expedition in the footsteps of the ancestor.

In the midst of the ceremony with a screen and rang the Carillon. The tool is a Belgian musician, Professor of St. Petersburg University Joseph Hazen, to revive the Carillon in the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, and raise funds for the Carillon to St. Petersburg state University. He invented a unique form of fundraising: collecting money on the name of the bell. The donor receives a bell from its sound, and a total of 51 incredible work is needed to raise funds for their casting, transportation, installation. On behalf of the University, where Haasan raised the Russian school of playing on the Carillon, a devotee thanked the Vice-rector Sergey Goncharov.

Another school – Lyceum of a name of Pushkin fellow students, later the Russian Chancellor A. M. Gorchakov – created inspirational restaurateur and skilled restorer Sergey Gutzeit. It restores historic monuments in Pushkin and Pavlovsk and opened one of them (the former summer residence of A. Brullov) this school is a modern version of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. About the founder in his writings spoke of the schoolchildren. For example, a fifth grader Mr. Ignatieff wrote: “Sergei Edidovich just wants to make the world a better place. To do this, it works. Because it starts small. Then others will see and it worked! And you do start to do something good.”

Director of the publishing house “Vita Nova” Alexey Zakharenkov with his usual generosity gave the series of books by Edward Kochergin (“Angelova a doll”, “Zaviruha Shishova lane”, “Notes tablet rats”, etc.), charitable organizations help the homeless “Nochlezhka”, and the President of the Association of parents of children with disabilities (GAOORDI), Margaret A. Urmancheeva – book series “the Family library. Children’s hall” (Bonaparte, Henry IV, Joan of Arc, the Sun King). Then transferred to Mikhail Piotrovsky for the library of the Hermitage book “SLED. Circassian heroic epos. With a Suite of 10 etchings Hamid Savkuev”.

Concertmaster of the State Symphony orchestra, founder and Director of the chamber orchestra “Sinfonietta Saint-Petersburg” Chingiz Osmanov not only played a tune on his beloved violin, but also acted as the author of the children’s project “the Color concert”. Its essence is that children like to listen to music, and to sit all the time as adults, not so much. Therefore, the concerts of the project, the children walk freely around the room consider the tools themselves are trying to extract the sounds, ask questions to the musicians. And when the musicians play, the children draw something of their own or paint a General picture, trained artists illustrators. The volunteers skillfully directed the children’s attention, not bored and quietly help to love music. So young generation of musicians is helping to develop a new generation of listeners.

Once the screen showed up a wardrobe of the XVIII century with openwork carving, it became clear that this is truly a “dear dear wardrobe”. The need for this subject for the interior of the Church of the pavilion of Menshikov’s Great Palace told the magazine the Keeper of furniture, GMZ “Peterhof” Marina Rebrikova. And on the Day of the Patron the Director of the club of friends of the Museum-reserve Svetlana Dobrodolac awarded a diploma of the donor Director of the company ArtClub B. V. Oleg Artemenko…

The basis of philanthropy – voluntary: someone you love – to give. Collector and educator Yuri Abramov loves Hermitage and gave him several valuable gifts, as we told you a year ago. This year Yuri Shmavonovich surprised – gave GMZ “Gatchina” the table, which was once part of the interior of the Gatchina Palace, which thanks told the General Director of the Museum-reserve of Vassili Pankratov. However, true to his patron presented another masterpiece and the Hermitage – a ceramic platter in gilt bronze frame (France, mid-XVIII century). Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky has handed over letters of thanks and other longstanding donors of the Hermitage for their recent contributions: Vladimir Levchenkov (Cup, made in the years of the evacuation of the State porcelain factory in the Urals, sugar bowl with lid and figure “Bindweed”, 1923) and Mikhail Suslov (chairs in the style of “second Rococo” and “the East”, Russia, XIX century). In the same row was and Olga Klopova, Director of the Paris I-Gallery. Intelligence, transferred to the Museum six full-sized mannequins of horses for use in the exposition of the knights ‘ hall.

Crowned the gallery of donors this year, the head of the company Sergey Gurdin, continuing to replenish the Museum’s collection of African art, what is it actively supports family and work colleagues. He gave the state Hermitage Museum more than 60 items, some of which are presented in the permanent exhibition in the General staff, including the year since the last Patron’s Day – 22 exhibit. One of the last “contribution”, presented in the theater lobby, the armour and wargear of the Sudanese warrior of the nineteenth century. They were purchased from Jonathan Barrett, a famous collector of Oriental weapons and expert at Sotheby’s.

Miniature theatre “the Royal giraffe” was preceded by the presentation of the new prize “Searchamelia people of St. Petersburg”. It was told about the founders – family doctor of the Hermitage cats Anna Kondratyev and the editor of the anthology “Russian Maecenas” Arkady Sosnov. The ceremony was attended Hermitage cat-the Oracle of Achilles. And the first winners were the scientist-physiologist, academician of the RAS Alexander Nozdrachev, Sergei Makarov and his wife Galina (Sergey without departing from the love of cats and cat heads KGIOP of Saint-Petersburg) and the receptionist of the State Hermitage Maria Haltunen.

Will be long remembered by the participants and a star-studded concert, which came Chingiz Osmanov, a brilliant pianist Alexander Rubinov and artists “the Royal giraffe” Stanislav Varkki, Larisa Lebedeva and Anna Varkki. Many regulars of the Day of the Patron claimed to be bright, informative, dynamic program of the festival has not been and is unlikely to beat it. Maybe they’re right. But we will try…

Photo: Paul Markin, Svetlana Ragina, Eugene Sinauer, Timur Turgunov.

The company “Baltic leasing” – a permanent partner of Patron’s Day.