Swiss researchers created the tattoo for cancer diagnosis



Swiss scientists have developed a technology to diagnose cancer using biomedical tattoos, reports the journal Science. Created with the use of cellular technology, the biosensor responds to changes in the level of calcium in the blood, which is characteristic of some cancer and gives the command to the special cells that color the skin.

Created by the Swiss scientists used the technology of calcium-sensitive cells that produce melanin – the pigment the skin area in a dark color. If the blood is greatly increased calcium levels, which is typical for some cancers, for example colon cancer and breast cancer, the reaction occurs staining of the skin due to excretion of the melanin these cells.

The creators of this technology believe that it can be used not only to diagnose cancer but also for monitoring the effectiveness of cancer treatment. The technology has already been tested on laboratory animals, now turn a stage of clinical tests with participation of people.

Previously, we reported that FDA (Management on control of quality of the food and drug administration) first approved a new cancer treatment based on the use of genetically modified immune cells of the blood of the patient. The drug has received the commercial name “Kibria” (Kymriah). Representatives of the FDA called it a historic event that brings modern medicine to a completely different level.

We also wrote about the fact that Russian scientists of nust “MISIS” and their Indian colleagues from the Institute of nuclear physics named after Saha synthesized stable nanoparticles based on gold, which can be used in the fight against cancer. They allow you to effectively find and spot to destroy the cells affected by cancer.