All ready-made objects for the football world Cup is adapted for people with disabilities



Senator Edward Isakov at a special seminar stated that all inspected objects of the world championship on football of 2018 which will pass in Russia, adapted for people with disabilities, reports TASS. After carrying out CHM-2018 disabled people will be able to use these facilities for physical training and sports.

According to Isakov, currently in the Federation Council there is a Commission for preparation and holding of the tournament of world football championship in 2018, which is headed by Andrey Kutepov. In addition, preparation of objects for the 2018 world Cup, members of the Commission pay attention to how these objects are adapted for people with disabilities. “I want to say with confidence that all assets are inspected and adapted,” said Isakov.

The Commission of the Federation Council also draws attention to how the objects of the 2018 world Cup will be used by Russian athletes in the future, after the completion of the tournament. Attention has been paid to how disabled people can use these facilities for physical training and sports. Eduard Isakov says that all inspected objects ready for after the world Cup to make athletes with disabilities. “Now the regions have only to consider the details of the work of those coaches who will be teaching in the classroom for people with disabilities”, he said.

Previously, we reported that during the world Cup, which will be held in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15 will ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. For them there are special places in the stands, mobile teams will help them when traveling, in the stadiums they can take advantage of Golf carts.

“To help them by may, it will train volunteers, organize mobile teams and assistance in transportation, and the stadium will ply Golf cart. Also will have seats for accompanying,” – said Chairman of the interim Commission of the Federation Council on preparation of the championship Andrey Kutepov. People with visual impairments can hear a description of what is happening on the field with the help of special electronic devices.