In Petersburg employees of “Mail of Russia” stole the money of pensioners


In St. Petersburg revealed a fraudulent scheme organized by the employees of regional branches of “Mail of Russia”, informs “Fontanka”. After an extensive analysis of contracts revealed more than 100 bogus contracts designed for pensioners. Funds in payment of fake contracts were filmed without their knowledge.

As reported in the Bank “Otkrytie”, the staff of the regional offices of “Mail of Russia” have issued fake contract loans for pensioners and stole their money. For the first time about this fraudulent scheme became known in November 2017, when the story of fake agreements of the credit became known in the village villozi of Leningrad oblast.

In January 2018 the attention of law enforcement caught the branch of “Mail of Russia” in Kolpino. Internal investigation and audit checks confirmed the facts of illegal registration of contracts. One of the leaders of the Kolpino branch of “Mail of Russia” was suspended from her job, and cheated customers are advised to contact the police.

Despite the fact that the Bank “Opening” also suffered od the actions of fraudsters, the Bank’s management apologized to the victims and decided to pay off the contracts made by fraud. “The Bank took the decision on the technical maturity of all debt, interest, and penalties to victims and the return of funds deducted as repayment of “loans,” the Bank said.