Experts: ban on the import of medicines from USA and Europe will lead to disastrous consequences



A bill providing in response to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions prohibiting the supply of pharmaceuticals from the USA and EU countries, will not affect the producers, but can be a death sentence for many Russians, experts said in an interview with “the”. “This is a war against its own people”, they claim. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy believes that nothing bad will happen and suggested “drink hawthorn and steep the bark of an oak.”

Director of the Foundation of care for patients with cystic fibrosis “Oxygen” Maya Sonina said that their Fund will not be able to help, if you accept the offer of deputies, the bill to ban the import of medicines from USA and EU countries. “Those drugs they receive for life, usually imported from America and Europe. This medications and mucolytics (drugs for expectoration of sputum), and antibiotics, and insulin – diabetics among them is enough. The Russian counterparts do not hold water: in the background of their reception develop serious complications,” said she.

The Director of Fund “Children’s hearts Yekaterina Bermant described the initiative of deputies of the state Duma of war against its own people. “How can you prohibit to bring into the country medicines or medical equipment that we are producing is bad? she wonders. – This is a very stupid measure, which will not lead to anything, except skinny and sick damage the economy and damage to the health of the population. Although they [MPs] won’t notice”.

Ekaterina Chistyakova, Director of the Foundation “give life”, believes that some drugs will be able to replace analogs of Russian production from other countries who do not fall under the ban. However, to find a full replacement for all drugs, in her opinion, will not succeed. In addition, she argued that the ban on the import of medicines makes no sense, as it will not affect their manufacturers. “The US definitely will not suffer, – said Chistyakov. – The Russian pharmaceutical market – not very tasty pie. People in Russia are many, but the money is not enough. And what are you interested in any farm, even American? That’s right – money that can be gain from the sale of drugs. From the adoption of this law can only hurt the poor and the rich just will not suffer.”

“It’s sanctions against his own people, – the President of the “League of defenders of patients” Alexander Saversky. Is a violation of international norms regarding the right to health, including the rights of persons with disabilities, for whom there is a special Convention. American drugs a little high, but replacing them is not. The original drug the molecular formula is always cleaner, they are better. The result of the reaction of the organism depends on the length formula of the molecule, due to the additional components it can act differently. In fact, the people just left without medicine and die, and it will be on conscience of deputies”.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy in the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia 1” was offered in the case of the bill to “drink hawthorn and brew oak bark”, according to the website of “market leader”. This advice he gave Boris Nadezhdin, who spoke against the ban on the importation of foreign drugs.