The project team DISLIFE in the framework of the “Spring week of kindness”, which takes place from 14 to 22 April in Moscow, is organizing “volunteer RAID” to help people with disabilities. All applications for aid, left Moscow with the help of “DISLIFE. People help the people”, we will try to fulfill just this week.

If you need help around the house, bring food or medication to keep me company on a walk, a ride in the car or need any other assistance, please submit an application on the service “DISLIFE. People help the people”.

How to request:

  • go to the service page “DISLIFE. People help the people”
  • click on “Create an application”
  • sign in if you already have a profile on DISLIFE, or to register
  • fill in all required fields (description of the request, the address, date, time)
  • to publish

This week the good team DISLIFE together with everyone will personally fulfill requests for assistance.

If you want to join our campaign and help with us, write on pr@dislife.ru marked “Want to help”. Please include your contact phone number.

“Spring week of kindness” – a large-scale volunteer campaign, with the support of the public relations Committee of Moscow, Public chamber of the city of Moscow and the Resource center “Mosvolonter”. Nine days in the capital will be more than 570 events aimed at improving the life of the city and its inhabitants. Participation can take anyone.