Akamai Creates $50 Million Endowment for STEM Education


Akamai Technologies, one of the largest cloud technology companies in the world, has announced the creation of a $50 million endowment in support of the Akamai Foundation, which works to encourage the next generation of technology innovators.

The endowment will enable the foundation to expand its support for STEM education, with a focus on K-12 mathematics, through grants to local charities and nongovernmental organizations serving underrepresented groups in the tech workforce. Since 2000, the foundation has awarded more than $5 million to local and national math education programs, including annual scholarships to the top high school students competing in the MAA American Mathematics Competitions. This year’s grantees include BEAM, a project of the Art of Problem Solving Initiative; the Center for Excellence in Education’s RSI Program; the Costa Rica Children’s Museum; Girls Who Code; the Mathematical Association of America; the Math Prize for Girls; and the Museum of Science, Boston’s Mentoring Night for Women and Girls in STEM.

"The Akamai Foundation is fueled by our belief in the amazing possibilities that mathematics and other STEM-related fields can bring to our future," said Tom Leighton, CEO and co-founder of Akamai, and a director of the foundation. "I believe that Akamai can make a difference in increasing opportunities in the technology workforce by supporting compelling and thoughtful initiatives within the communities where we work and live."

“Akamai Establishes $50 Million Endowment to Support Mathematics Programs in STEM Education.” Akamai Technologies Press Release 04/12/2018.