“We need to change the system all together” Foundation “Arithmetic good” was initiated by a release in Russia book professional foster mother from England


Fund “Arithmetic good” is a book of professional foster mother from England

Charitable Foundation “good Arithmetic” presented a book by an English professional foster mother, Cathy glass, “You’ll love me?”. The book was published in EKSMO publishing house on the initiative of the Fund. The presentation took place on 11 April 2018 at the House of journalists. The output of books in Russia dedicated to the birthday Fund “Arithmetic good”, which celebrates 4 years of its activities.

The presentation was made by the founder of the “Arithmetic good” novel Avdeev, the President of the Charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” Elena Alshanskaya , the Executive Director of the Foundation of assistance to a family unit of orphans “Change one life” Yana Leonova. Excerpts from the book read actress Anna Garnova Ekaterina Dubakina.

“In the book occurs an honest conversation. This is not enough: often we read about how all bad or all good but missing the real picture, — said the founder of the “Arithmetic good” Roman Avdeev. We want society to understand the real situation. The more people will know of the problems of social orphanhood, the real facts, the better and faster will the problem be solved. And we as a Foundation are trying to mobilize the society, to become an expert in this area.”

The President of the Charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” Elena Alshanskaya reminded that often the orphans change a few orphanages in my life, the returns of the companies also cause them injury. “The heroine of the book, Cathy glass, the girl-Lucy, too many times moving from family to family. In this case, the child’s feelings are not taken into account. No one comes to mind, what is a multiple travel can destroy the mind and personality of the child. And then the child does not believe that it can be necessary to someone, — says Elena Alshanskaya. We see that the child is not the main object of the system. And most importantly, what can happen with our system, and we will try to influence it – that the child became the centre of all history.”

Yana Leonova, Executive Director of the Foundation “Change one life”, notes that, reading books, Kathy glass, amazed at how badly you can break the life of a child, and it can make people close and how powerful positive energy can be filled with a foster parent: “We are parents 24 hours a day, 365 days, every day we accept new challenges. Simple children never in orphanages. They are children of broken survivors of a great tragedy. Nobody taught us to accept and to live the grief of others, but we adoptive parents have to learn this. Thanks to the Foundation “Arithmetic good” because now you can touch and such a foreign experience”.

“With this book we want to start an important conversation, the subject of which we in the Fund started a few years ago, says Naila Novozhilov, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Arithmetic good”. Not only our country is faced with bereavement, and we have the opportunity to look at the experience of different countries. This does not mean that we should copy foreign experience, but you just need to extend the variability of the steps and take the best for us. We call professional resource family parenting — indeed, for the education of “difficult” children need more experience and training. And the system should also work in this direction. It’s a long way, but we must change the system in the interests of the child and encourage you to change it all together.”

Diana Mashkov, the head of the Club “the ABC of foster family the” Fund “Arithmetic good”, noticed that many orphans in Russia, and Lucy, too, passed the hard way, and was not always an adult who was able to hear them and understand: “Lucy met a man in whom she believed. This is possible only when the family resource. To this end, we, parents, are constantly evolving, trying to improve their skills, learn to listen to children. The Fund “Arithmetic good” we see the challenge to create a platform for enterprises, including resource and foster parents who are willing to take adolescents and can help in training new families. With confidence I can say that our Club already has a family is no less a resource than the foster mother of Lucy, Cathy glass”. Now the Foundation is “Arithmetic good” develops methods of additional training of resource families that are able to accept adolescents. “Professional approach, in our opinion, will allow the family to become more stable, reliable and to successfully cope with the task of educating the orphan children of older age, says Diana Mashkov. — The pilot group will be trained for 5-7 families. Before classes begin we will spend with families who have experience in foster care, pre-work and be sure to visit their guest. And do training courses will start in October 2018. We hope that some families already from the first pilot group will become a reliable support in life for those children whom they will accept into their family.”